2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG

Moment when Mercedes A45 AMG and CLA45 AMG began arriving in showrooms of the German car manufacturer , the question which model is the next to get a new 2.0L turbo engine as an option. When it is known that a small crossover GLA – Class share a platform and most of the mechanics of the A- Class and CLA – Class, it is expected that 2015 GLA45 AMG was not supposed to be away . It happened on the last car show in Los Angeles, where he presented his concept version while the production model should debut in a larger motor show in Europe in 2014. Not only GLA45 AMG Launches same 2.0L turbo engine with 335 hp and the A45 AMG and CLA45 AMG already got this crossover and other performance improvements and design changes that are different from the rest of the GLA – Class line.

2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG

2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG changes

For starters , there are more aggressive bumpers on 2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG through which they can see more refrigerators that tell us about the sports performances of the model. There are also larger grille, 21- inch wheels and a small spoiler for better cornering behavior. The 2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG will be the only model with this platform that will provide special graphics all around the door with ” 45 ” tag.

2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG

Other mechanical changes on 2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG related to the larger brakes, redesign suspension and dual exhausts . The standard transmission is a seven-speed automatic that carries 355 hp and 450 Nm of torque to all four wheels. On Performance , we can only speculate at this point . Compared with Mercedes GLK350 , which 2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG is to replace , this crossover is significantly more powerful , but it will take significantly longer than 4.6 seconds , as needed CLA45 and AMG to accelerate to 100 km / h , mainly due to higher weight.

2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG

The only unknown at this point is the interior of 2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG, which Mercedes has not released images and information , but if you can tell by the German giant in history , it is certain that we will not be disappointed.

2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG price

It is expected that a wide selection of standard and optional equipment in order to justify the high price, which would be in the European market could to get 50,000 euros (about 68,900 U.S. dollars ) digits. In any case, the more answers you should have perhaps already after the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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