2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo

If you like cars and video games , Gran Turismo series certainly plays a big role in your life . Since the first series goes on sale in 1997 , more than 70 million copies have been sold worldwide , and the most recent version , Gran Turismo 6 , has recently hit the market with a selection of over 1,200 cars and 71 trail. The whole story was recently included the German giant Mercedes , who was at the Motor Show in Los Angeles unveiled Vision Gran Turismo concept in cooperation with division AMG.

2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo

2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo design

This concept has served as the debut of a new design center of the German car manufacturer in Southern California , but it still works great number of designers and engineers who have earned name and reputation working for Mercedes in Germany. For design of 2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo inspiration AMG engineers have used legendary Mercedes 300SL years of the 1950s , which is now considered one of the most beautiful cars ever produced , and these two cars provide long hood, short trunk and equally legendary Gullwing ( gull wing ) doors .

2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo

The mask of 2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo is borrowed from an identical car , but its racing version of which was during the 1950s he represented a terror on the track. Last part is done in the style of a typical concept car , and provides eight exhaust pipes . Although Mercedes has not released pictures of the interior , according to AMG engineers who had the opportunity to test the car he was inspired by Formula 1 racing machines , with space for one person , digital controls and a long list of standard and optional equipment.

2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo engine

In terms of mechanics, the German carmaker said that under the hood hides a large twin – turbo V8 engine that develops 577 hp and 799 Nm of torque while the vehicle weight is just 1,385 kg thanks to the use of aluminum. Mercedes has no plans for mass production , but is in the same magnitude as the 2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo series , which we mentioned at the beginning of the text .

2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo

2015 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo release date

In fact , over the years they got noticed competitors like Forza Motorsport , who slowly ” stealing ” customers , while German carmaker soon left without a representative in the supercar class when the production and sale of esteemed AMG SLS to stop. But Mercedes assures customers that there is no reason to be dissatisfied – in fact, by the end of 2014 should debut a brand new supercar company that will be closest to the characteristics of the Porsche 911.

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