2015 Ford S-Max Vignale

During 2013, Ford introduced two major products with which it is announced that he wanted to try in the premium segment of the European market. First, during the summer, debuted the next-generation S-Max, with significantly higher quality materials in order to attack a luxury Audi. Few months later debuted Vignale version of the Mondeo sedan and wagon form. Even then it was clear that the offer will be extended to the rest of the line and at the recent motor show in Milan presented the 2015 Ford S-Max Vignale. Interestingly, more than half of this crossover buyers are opting for richly equipped models and U.S. giant rightly expect great success of this vehicle.

2015 Ford S-Max Vignale

2015 Ford S-Max Vignale redesign

In comparison with the standard S-Max, 2015 Vignale provides better and more comfortable leather seats and a brand new center console and the interior offers a large selection of quality wood and aluminum. Design changes to the 2015 Ford S-Max Vignale are quite small and are related to the new grille, 21- inch wheels and a few new “Vignale” label. Chief Designer Stefan Lamm says that the inspiration for the model used exactly in the city of Milan and the S-Max offers something special what traditional Ford buyers have not had a chance to see even the most luxurious Titanium versions. It is expected that Vignale do only 15 % of the total sales of Ford, but the American carmaker will be satisfied when we know how big German premium competitors in this class.

2015 Ford S-Max Vignale

2015 Ford S-Max Vignale engine

Ford did not want to reveal the mechanical details of the 2015 Ford S-Max Vignale but again expected wide range of petrol and diesel engines. So far, two EcoBoost gasoline engines ( 1.6L with 178 hp and a 2.0L with 240 hp) should remain on offer, but expect major changes in terms of diesel engines. Currently, the S-Max is available with three TDI diesel engines, including 1.6L, 2.0L and 2.2L. In terms of transmissions, the choice will again be manually or automatically with the six-speed.

2015 Ford S-Max Vignale

2015 Ford S-Max Vignale release date and price

Although the 2015 Ford S-Max Vignale still a concept, the production model should debut, without major changes, the end of the year, while production and sales should start next year. Ford continues to offer a Vignale models, while some announcements next in line should be a model Edge.

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