2015 Ford Raptor

La SVT Raptor es una versión de alto rendimiento de Ford F 150. El F 150 es la una de las camionetas off road más singulares en el mercado. SVT Raptor tiene todo de F 150 con la postura de ancho extra y suspensión especialmente diseñados. Con su gran tamaño neumáticos, this vehicle is not made for roads, but for other deserts and terrains which other trucks has no chance to cross. First appearance of the Raptor was in 2009.

 2015 Ford Raptor

Ahora, when we saw 2015 Ford F 150, we can also expect SVT Raptor to follow it in 2015. Sin embargo, spy shots haven’t revealed any Raptor. With showing the new F 150, Ford doesn’t have to confirm that we can expect SVT Raptors, since it is certain now.

2015 Ford Raptor redesign

La 2015 Ford Raptor ’s look will be inspired and built on Atlas concept from 2013, which was unveiled same year at Detroit car show. Based on Atlas platform, we can expect distinct headlight setup and colored strip. SVT badges on the side-view mirrors are almost certain and squared-off front fenders with defined rocker panels and aggressive-looking tailgate. El nuevo 2015 Raptor should bring from precious model 35-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires modified specifically for this off roader. These will provide connection to the ground and stability which will better control for high-speed off-road situations.

 2015 Ford Raptor interior

As for the 2015 Ford F 150, similar weight changes are expected for the 2015 Ford Raptor. By using new materials, tal como aluminio, weight should drop significantly.

2015 Ford Raptor engine

It is still unconfirmed for the engine lineup for the 2015 Ford Raptor SVT. Sin embargo, it is reported that there won’t be big changes, so we can expect similar powertrain as in the current model. It will be powerful 6.2-liter SOHC V-8 with a little higher output of around 450 hp. With some engine improvements and weight drop, Ford expects to get a fuel economy boost of 10 a 15 por ciento.

 2015 Ford Raptor

2015 Ford Raptor debut

Everything about the 2015 Ford Raptor SVT is somehow connected with the 2015 F 150. So is the premiere. La 2015 F 150 is expected to be unveiled early in 2014, and market sales to start in the last quarter of 2014. La 2015 Ford Raptor SVT should follow both dates with few months of delay.

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