2015 Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger was a favorite American compact pick-up truck until the end of its production in 2011. The truck was winner of Best International pick-up in 2013. Now, according to the previous announcements by Ford, looks like we can expect return of this vehicle as a 2015 Ford Ranger. When it stops producing, its successor was Ford F-150, and it had a wide range of offers. But, Ford probably realized that removing the Ranger from its offer was a mistake, and now they are fixing it.

2015 Ford Ranger

First sales of the Ford Ranger trucks started in 1983. Already with the second generation of the vehicle, Ford entered South American and Australian market. Finally, the third generation was designed and engineered in Australia, it was the Ford Ranger T6 by Australian Ford. It is belief that the Ford made F-150 as competition to its own small truck field. Regardless of the fact they are same class, F-150 and Ranger are different models, and many truckers are waiting for Rangers return as 2015 model.

2015 Ford Ranger changes

2015 Ford Ranger is not expected as all-new model. Many refreshments and redesigns are planned, such as unibody design for the new Ranger. Crucial retention will be the fact that the vehicle is small pick-up truck, and all its advantages over full-size trucks – fuel economy, price and capability. Market of  those range of vehicles is in need of some refreshments, and the new 2015 Ranger could bring it. It would be probably smaller than usual, and also made of lighter materials, which could bring to all mentioned benefits.

2015 Ford Ranger interior

2015 Ford Ranger Engines

For the 2015 Ford Ranger powertrain lineup is expected to be very similar, or the same as current. The fourth generation of Ford’s small pick-up trucks could be equipped with 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine, with 143 horsepower on all wheel drive.  Engine is paired with five-speed manual transmission. Other option could be 2.5L Duratec 4-cylinder with an output of 173 hp. New technologies, lighter materials and weight reduction will improve primarily fuel economy, and also other performances.

2015 Ford Ranger rear view

2015 Ford Ranger Release date

It is still unknown when the 2015 Ford Ranger will be unveiled. It is expected to be in some of the large car shows in 2014, but however, it is not expected to be in sales before 2015.

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