2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351

Ford Falcon is another victim of the economic crisis. After 90 years of existence, Ford announced that it is withdrawing from the Australian market 2016. Ford Australia with Holden fought for the title of best-selling company and the best time for Ford was during the 1960s and 1970s years when the dominant model Falcon. Ford Falcon has long been very popular in Australia and is the only model of Ford that was produced in the territory of Australia.

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351

Only ten years ago, Ford was selling up to 75,000 units of Falcon per year, but due to the economic crisis it was in previous years dropped to below 10,000 units per year. Ford Falcon with a V8 engine, rear-wheel and large sizes is no longer so popular. Customers nowadays are opting for more economical models. Ford’s Falcon has decided to withdraw from the market and for this purpose has introduced a special edition carrying the name 2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 – name

Very interesting label 2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351,  “F” in the name means “final”, a customer will be able to choose between a sedan and Pursuit Ute pickup truck. Number 351 in the mark F 351 indicates the number of kilowatts. In Australia, the label kilowatt much more useful than horsepower. Ford plans to market for Australian produce only 500 copies plus an additional 50 copies of the New Zealand market while the offer Pursit Ute will be limited to only 10 copies.

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351 – engine

What makes it distinctive Falcon is a powerful engine. The 2015 Ford Falcon GT F-351 will have the 5.0L Coyote V8 engine, with the help of a supercharger, developing 471 hp and 569 Nm of torque in the sedan and 422 hp and 544 Nm of torque in the pickup truck. Model 2015 Falcon GT F-351 has a modified suspension and larger brakes while design changes related to something different bumpers, racing strips and F 351 mark.

2015 Ford Falcon GT-F 351

Ford Plans to Australia

Ford plans to replace the Falcon model from other models with more efficient engines and front-wheel drive. Ford Taurus and Explorer models should fill the position of the Falcon and Territory. Both U.S. models provide effective I4 and V6 turbo engines, with a choice of front-or all-wheel drive.

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