2015 Ford Escort

Since 1968, when the sale started in Europe, until the year 2003, Ford’s worldwide delivered over 20 million Escort before the debut equally successful Focus. This car is also important for the American giant and the fact that the issue was the first global Ford that, with certain modifications, sold around the world. Escort disappeared from the global market in late years of the 1990s when it seemed that his time has passed and that Ford needed a streamlined product, but the U.S. carmaker announced last year to make this legendary label again could find one on his car.

2015 Ford Escort

At the Motor Show in Sangalo, presented the audience Escort concept and at the recent Beijing Auto Show, Ford introduced the serial version of the 2015 Ford Escort. The 2015 Ford Escort was the first American car manufacturer vehicles intended exclusively market of China.

2015 Ford Escort redesign

Ford announces that its new compact have all those features that adorn the Focus, such as functionality, quality and safety measures, but at a significantly lower price because that production will take place in China. The specific characteristics of Ford’s two compacts are similar and this applies to the LED headlights and design similar to that of the larger Fusion / Mondeo.

2015 Ford Escort

Design of 2015 Ford Escort continues Ford’s Kinetic design school with a big mask done in the style of an Aston Martin, a serial model has kept most of the line with the concept. The interior of the 2015 Ford Escort is lovable and easy to use and although it can not match the European and American models in terms of quality, the Chinese market would need to do the job without any problems.

2015 Ford Escort

2015 Ford Escort engine and release date

On the mechanical side, Ford has now confirmed only 1.5L petrol engine, which develops 110 hp, but would offer later to be expanded with more powerful EcoBoost engine. Ford plans to sell the current 2015 Escort only the Chinese market, but if the requirements are sufficiently large, we will not be surprised if in the near future, this car appears in Europe. The 2015 Ford Escort was, otherwise, only the first of 15 new or significantly restored Ford will that debuted on the Chinese market to 2016.

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