2015 Ford Bronco

When we are talking about Ford Bronco, we must go back to the year 1966. The first generation of the Bronco  had been produced in that year, and that was the first SUV vehicle made by Ford. Bronco shared the platform with Mustang and Falcon. As a competitor to better known Jeep SUV, Bronco have developed. Second generation of Ford Bronco had started with producing in 1978. Lasted until 1996, it shared the same platform as F-150 pickup truck. It was a successor of the Ford Expedition.

2015 Ford Bronco side view

Few years ago we had a presentation of the Ford Bronco Concept, with its retro design. Anyway, it has never entered into production. By the some unofficial information from Ford, the Bronco should be unveiled very soon as the 2015 Ford Bronco. It should be based on the concepts of Ford Explorer or Ford Ranger. Ford is planning this vehicle to fill a gap in its segment of off-road vehicles and to be competitor to the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser.

2015 Ford Bronco changes

Retro look and the new design are expected for the 2015 Ford Bronco. A lot of changes are to be made, so the US buyers will be satisfied. They expect this off road vehicle to expand its purpose and become more of a family car. So, we can expect improve functionality and revisited look. However, Ford is keeping all information as a secret. Some sources telling that the concept used on this vehicle will be from F-150. And that means same parts of construction and 4WD. According to the spy shots from testing, it will keep its boxy look with round shape of its headlights. Grille will contain three chrome parallel bars. According to the same photos, interior is not so impressive, lacking many of the new high-tech features.

2015 Ford Bronco interior

2015 Ford Bronco Engine

There is no specification or performance information from the company. All we know at the moment that the 2015 Ford Bronco will have three powetrain options. Those will be 3.5L EcoBoost petrol engine and two diesel engines- 4.5L and 5.0L. Developed on the same concept as F-150, we can expect all-wheel-drive and twin-clutch manual or automatic gearbox.

2015 Ford Bronco rear view

2015 Ford Bronco Price

Price for the 2015 Ford Bronco is expected to be somewhere about $26.000.

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