2015 Dodge Caliber

Dodge Caliber enters the 2015 year model completely redesigned. This refresh will also bring change of price, and surprisingly – it will cost less. Chrysler’s vehicles are doing excellent sales because of its cheap production cost.  Now, Dodge is following their recipe. The 2015 Dodge Caliber will cost less, but it shouldn’t be felt in quality of the car. It will still be decent vehicle with good critics and reviews. The 2015 Caliber won’t be top of the class, since competition is way in advance of Dodge.

2015 Dodge Caliber

2015 Dodge Caliber redesign

The 2015 Dodge Caliber will look more luxurious and modern than any previous model. Bright colors and stable machine with faster speed will be environmentally friendly. It will be also elegant with bright colors in pattern. 2015 Dodge Caliber is heavier than its size competitors.

2015 Dodge Caliber inside

Inside the cabin,  new 2015 Caliber is clean vehicle. The trial wood considers its competitors worship grade and better execution at a terms that is not more different.

For the 2015, Dodge Caliber should work on its CVT transmission, which makes this vehicle pretty exacerbated. If they want to keep up with competition, they have to do a lot of improvements. This vehicle is still in developing mode, so a lot of information is taken from uncertified sources and leak info. Still, official statement from Dodge is still expected.

2015 Dodge Caliber

The 2015 Caliber is decent vehicle, but looks like that Dodge didn’t reach their target of quality/price ratio. Dodge has its own way to produce a cheaper car, but they failed to do.

2015 Dodge Caliber price

Even it is not officially announced, we can make prediction about 2015 Dodge Caliber Price. It should start around $ 24.380 for base models, and up to near $ 26.000 for models with more equipment and trim levels.

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