2015 Datsun on-DO

Nissan’s recent decision to return the famous Datsun brand. Some are celebrating another cheap division, which is supposed to compete with the Romanian Dacia, others are still expecting the return of legendary names such as 240Z and the 510. Datsun decided to represent a cheap division intended solely poorer markets of Asia and Eastern Europe.

2015 Datsun on-DO

At the recently Delhi Auto Show, Datsun introduced and redi – GO concept with a view to the production model is one of the cheapest new cars in India  and the issue is also the first company crossovers . Now is launching another model of the company and it was made in cooperation with AvtoVAZ ( which is the Renault-Nissan owns 20 % ). He carries an on-DO mark and manufactured in Russia, together with the Nissan Almera and some Lada models.

2015 Datsun on-DO specs

Based on the Lada Grant, 2015 Datsun on-DO is 434 cm long, 170 cm wide and 150 cm high and offers an impressive 530 liters of space in the trunk. For comparison, the nearest rivals significantly lagging behind, including Volkswagen Polo offers 460 liters of space and Renault ( Dacia ) Logan 510 liters of space. Design of 2015 Datsun on-DO is based on the already mentioned Go, particularly in the front part until the last part observed, many connections with Lada. When it comes to interior design, there is enough space for the driver and passengers  and in 2015 on-DO delivers significantly better quality materials compared to Go and a longer selection of standard and optional equipment. Better equipped models are also available with ABS, air conditioning, heaters in the windows, a CD/MP3 player, and even heaters in front of the seat.

2015 Datsun on-DO

2015 Datsun on-DO engine

When it comes to the mechanics of the model 2015 Datsun on-DO, at the start only one engine will be an option and 1.6L gasoline borrowed directly from Grant, and his power is 87 hp. Power will be transmitted to the front wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox and there are later expected and automatic transmission.

2015 Datsun on-DO

2015 Datsun on-DO price

Home prices in the Russian market would have to be around 8,000 euros ( 11,000 dollars), which would make 2015 Datsun on-DO supposed to be one of the cheapest cars in its class. According to some announcements, the next model of the company could be hechback version on-DO, and later with the first crossovers company. If these models demonstrate success , we expect penetration in Europe and South America, but not in North America.

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