2015 Chevrolet Code

Chevrolet for 2015 year brings model 2015 Code . The model is primarily intended for younger population . Lately Chevrolet with its line of models somewhat neglected youth population . 2015 Chevrolet Model Code will be bought with four seats coupe and the photos of concept models that labeled Code 130R can say that this model will be a hit among the younger population . There will be another variant of this model under the name Code Chevy Tru 140S , which would be a sports version of the coupe.

2015 Chevrolet code - front view

2015 Chevrolet Code – exterior design

When we talk about the design of the 2015 Code to say that it will feature the attractive design . The model will have four seats and will be extremely stylish and suited the younger population . For the design of this model is credited Joe Baker who designed this model in the studio of General Motors . To attract younger population model has an aggressive look and attractive design of the wheels. In the picture you can see the wheels that are chrome-plated and elegance of its design contribute to the model .

2015 chevrolet code

2015 Chevrolet Code – Interior Design

When we talk about the interior and it conforms to the younger population . The 2015 Chevrolet Code is full of technological add-ons such as: Heads Up Display, smartphones and WiFi connectivity , MyLink infotainment system . Model 2015 Chevrolet Code 130 R resembles most the Chevrolet Camaro . It should be said that the interior of the model is not yet komplete because there is still plenty of time to enter the model into production . Expected to be particularly simple and clear solutions that will be conducive for the younger population.  What will be particularly appealing to all is the price for this model , which will be about $ 20,000 so that the expected high demand for this model. As main rival often emphasizes the BMW 1 Series .

2015 chevrolet code-interior

2015 Chevrolet Code – Engine

The main engine will be 2.0 liter engine with direct injection . The offer is expected and turbocharged 1.4- liter engine in the Eco model, with 150 hp and hi – PO 2.0 liter turbo engine with 270 hp . The transmission is a six-speed will be available in both automatic and manual transmission.

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