2015 Cadillac CTS

Presentation of the third-generation Cadillac CTS last year marked the official return of General Motors’ premium division in the European market. The last Cadillac to be officially sold in Europe was the BLS model, developed in joint cooperation with the Swedish Saab, has been closed since 2009. Although a number of models of the second generation CTS completed the continent in recent years, Cadillac has largely ignored this market and claimed he is not yet ready for it. It seems that the American giant is not yet ready to seriously compete celebrated the German rivals such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi, so plan to annual sales of only 1,000 copies of the 2015 CTS models on the European market.

2015 Cadillac CTS

2015 Cadillac CTS redesign

To please finicky customers who have largely driven the German premium cars, Cadillac started from the design and promoted it with full equipment and quality materials. Unlike the previous BLS model, 2015 Cadillac CTS is a big improvement. There is enough space for the driver and three additional passengers while the trunk offers a satisfying 447 liters of space. The interior is also simple, clear and easy to use, and the quality of some of the best ever offered in an American car in the European market.

2015 Cadillac CTS

2015 Cadillac CTS engine

Unlike the rest of the world, European buyers of 2015 Cadillac CTS can get only one engine – 2.0L turbo with 272 hp that transmits power to the rear wheel drive or optional all-wheel drive through a six-speed automatic transmission.

On the road 2015 Cadillac CTS behaves gets a lower weight by as much as 200 kg compared to the BMW 5-Series is significantly noticeable on the road. The 2015 CTS is not the dynamic of driving as rival from Munich and neither of noiseless as a Mercedes E – Class, so it seems that the Jaguar XF might be the closest competitor. This means that despite a solid strength and dynamism, the main buyers of this car will be those who want comfort and driving pleasure for longe. Performance is also a soli . Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 6.6 seconds with a top speed of 240 km / h.

2015 Cadillac CTS

2015 Cadillac CTS price

Unfortunately, the 2015 Cadillac CTS will not be a common car on European roads, despite plenty of affordable prices, which in the UK is about 40,000 pounds ( 48,400 euros or 66,400 dollars ). The main problem lies in the small number of lounges, including in the UK there are currently only a Cadillac showroom and also a major problem is the lack of popular diesel engines.

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