2015 BMW X1 F48

BMW is preparing a new generation of X1 , which unlike the current version will be placed on a platform with front wheel drive . BMW’s smallest crossover restyled the 2012th years, and has today announced a brand new model that should appear 2015th. According to latest information , the car carries the factory designation F48 . A new generation of small SUVs , will be developed on the platform , which will be the end of the year to get MPV model BMW Active Sports Tourer . The new technique will provide more ” space” for creative designers.

2015 BMW x1

2015 BMW X1 F48 redesign

For now there are still no pictures of this model , and photographs which appeared are with  ” camouflage ” from which it may suggest the design of a new 2015 BMW X1 models. It may be noted that the new 2015 BMW X1 have proportionally shorter hood to the length of the cabin , while the driving position to be more moved towards the front wheels. The upper part of the tailgate will be more obscured due to the larger roof spoiler.

2015 BMW X1 F48

In addition to different design , 2015 BMW X1 will differ from its predecessor and UKL1 platform with front-wheel drive , which will be shared with the future 1 Series GT , but some of the new generation Mini models. Thus, in addition to the new X1 optional drive to all 4 wheels , for the first time as a standard will have front-wheel drive .

2015 bmw x1

2015 BMW X1 F48 engine

It is expected that it will be taken powerplant of the BMW 1 Series GT , including the new 1.5-liter three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine . Earlier it was announced that these aggregates in the petrol versions have from 122 to 224 hp ( 90-165 kW ), while the diesel engines produce between 82 and 184 hp ( 60-135 kW).

2015 BMW X1 F48

The new 2015 BMW X1 to a German manufacturer expand range of vehicles with front wheel drive . The first such production model , the BMW 1 Series GT , should hit the market in 2014. , and it is the standard version Active Tourer Concept . Today BMW X1 is available in only one conceptual version, and another generation will be in this direction much more generous. The following versions are planned : xDrive (4×4 ) and sDrive ( FWD) , plug- in hybrid  and M sports version. On the technical side , the new BMW 2015 X1 will share its platform with the model of Mini Countryman , which will reduce the cost of development, and production.

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