2015 BMW 4 – Series Gran Coupe

German carmaker BMW continues to expand its 4- Series offer, and after a coupe and convertible now it is time for Gran Coupe. The 2015 BMW 4 – Series Gran Coupe is in theory much like already seen 6-Series Gran Coupe, but BMW did not want to give a bigger trunk but the goal was to design a sporty four-door coupe similar to the 3-Series GranTurismo. In this way the German giant and the largest manufacturer of premium cars in the world is hoping to attract younger buyers with deep pockets.

2015 BMW 4 - Series Gran Coupe

2015 BMW 4 – Series Gran Coupe design

The 2015 BMW 4 – Series Gran Coupe is a car that is in theory very similar to the Audi A5 Sportback, the short rear doors, low roof and a large trunk, which is among the highest in its class. The 2015 Gran Coupe the length 4,638 mm, width 1,825 mm and 1,389 mm high, which means that for a 14 mm long, 14 mm and 40 mm wider in comparison with the lower 3 – Series sedan. However, despite the many aerodynamic lines , this car can boast low air resistance and is in the middle of his class.

2015 BMW 4 - Series Gran Coupe

2015 BMW 4 – Series Gran Coupe interior

What has not changed is the interior space thanks to the 2,810 mm long chassi, which is 480 liters of trunk space with raised seats and 1,300 liters with the seat folded down. Appendix rear doors and a larger trunk, however, adding 50 kg to the total weight of the vehicle, and even the easiest model to offer – 420i – weighs 1,480 kg.

2015 BMW 4 - Series Gran Coupe

2015 BMW 4 – Series Gran Coupe engine

At the start of the customer model 2015 BMW 4 – Series Gran Coupe will be able to choose between four engines until next year in a bid to be fixed with two diesel. For a petrol offer starts with two 2.0L turbo engine with 184 hp and 245 hp, and top of the range is 3.0L engine with a supercharger and 306 hp. If, however, more interested in diesels, there are two 2.0L engines with 143 hp and 184 hp. The fastest of the group’s most powerful gasoline engine with acceleration to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds, while the smallest is the most economical diesel with combined fuel consumption of just 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers. As with the coupe and convertible, the power will be transmitted to the rear wheels, or optional all-wheel drive  through the choice of six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmission. As we mentioned, the offer will be extended next year with a pair of new 3.0L diesel, power of 255 hp and 309 hp, and they will only be available to drive to all four wheels and an automatic transmission.

2015 BMW 4 – Series Gran Coupe release date and price

The 2015 BMW 4 – Series Gran Coupe had an official premiere at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and the starting price should be around 35,000 euros ( 47,400 dollars ). Sales should start by the end of the year in the domestic market.

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