2015 BMW 1 Series

This summer we expect new, redesigned version of the Bavarian manufacturer’s smallest model. Except facelifts, BMW brings some very special newness – a sedan version of 1 Series. There is also a possibility that new engine will be also introduced.

2015 BMW 1 Series

2015 BMW 1 Series redesign

As we already mentioned, except new headlights and front bumper in 2015 hatchback, BMW will introduce s a sedan version. This model has codename NES (New Entry-level Sedan) and it is created to compete BMW’s arch rivals Mercedes and Audi. Those two companies already have their models in this class, so it was expected BMW to introduce this kind of a vehicle too. Mercedes CLA Coupe, Audi A3 Sedan and new Bavarian sedan will become great rivals just like other models from these German companies.

2015 BMW 1 series

Bavarian manufacturer will also introduce coupe version of 2015 BMW 1 series. We see this model as spiritual successor to the E-Series 30, which out of production for 20 years. New model will be based on the new incl – Unter Klasse platform. It will have standard front and optional four wheel drive system. Although it is not confirmed, rear-wheel drive will also be an option. It will be powered with several engines but we expect 4-cylinder turbo with around 300 hp to be a real deal. All engines will be matted to a 8-speed transmission.

2015 BMW 1 Series hatchback

When it is about hatchback model of 2015 BMW 1 series, we don’t expect too many changes. Current model is just two and a half years old so we can say that it is quite fresh on the market. Beside some visual improvements we don’t expect some interior improvements. Dramatic mechanical changes are also unlikely.

2015 BMW 1 series

2015 BMW 1 Series engine

However, there are some speculations that 2015 BMW 1 Series will get some new engines. Along with the B47 four-cylinder engines, we expect new family of engines, B37 and B38. These engines will have 3 cylinders so we expect these engines to have better fuel economy but still enough power to run this hatchback.

2015 BMW 1 Series release date and price

All of these three versions of 2015 BMW 1 series will be launched very soon, probably during this summer. Price is still unknown, but we expect in the same range as current hatchback. So we expecting starting price around 35.000 dollars.

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