2015 Audi A7

Audi four years ago introduced the Audi A7. This model is a combination of driving characteristics of the A6 and the interior of larger sedans. Since the past four years, Audi has decided to present a refreshed model 2015 Audi A7. Model 2015 Audi A7 should continue the tradition of its predecessor, which was characterized by very high sales. The changes relate primarily to more efficient engines and refreshed design that features the new 2015 A7.

2015 Audi A7

2015 Audi A7 redesign

The biggest changes to the 2015 Audi A7 can be seen in the form of new headlamps that follow the design school of the company and there are revised bumpers, a new grille and a different exhaust. LED headlights are now standards and tail lights can also be obtained in the same mode. The interior has not received major changes, but even so, Audi has decided to improve standard equipment, which in new Audi A7 continues to be one of the leaders in its class.

2015 Audi A7

2015 Audi A7 engine

The biggest news in the 2015 Audi A7 is a new “Ultra” version, which combines a 3.0L TDI V6 diesel engine with 215 hp and drive the front wheels. Ultra is designed for those who want the cheapest and most economical version of the A7, in addition to the combined consumption of only 5.5 liters per 100 km, CO2 emissions of 122 g / km.

Offer other engines remained the same so that potential buyers can choose between two V6 engines (2.8L with 201 hp and the 3.0L with 306 hp) and there are three 3.0L TDI V6 diesel, power 201 hp, 242 hp and 309 ks. As in the past the offer will be two sports model with a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine. The 2015 S7 develops 414 hp and RS7 even 552 hp, which will continue to be one of the quickest cars in its class. All models, with the exception of S7 and RS7, transferred power to the front wheels via a seven-speed automatic transmission. The difference is only in two sports models, which provide a speed more.

2015 Audi A7

2015 Audi A7 price and release date

Potential customers for the 2015 Audi A7 can expect this model first in the German market at the end of the year and then the rest of the world. Starting price is not expected to change over the previous model and will amount to 50,000 euros (about $ 69,200 )

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