2014 Volkswagen eUp

Most car enthusiasts say they want their car to be fun to drive . For most of us, ” fun ride ” means a car that is fast , regardless of driving conditions , from justice to the curves and the asphalt road to the field. But there is another group of people who speed their car is not the main feature . They have electric and hybrid cars , and they will tell you it’s fun for them to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption or energy. Which brings us to the latest electrical products from the German giant and the world’s third largest car manufacturer in the world , Volkswagen. Last year’s release of the Up has brought the first city car for Volkswagen after a long period , and the company from Wolfsburg say that the goal is this little guy is the best-selling Volkswagen in the world.

2014 Volkswagen eUp

At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show audience is presented and its electric version of the eUp label. As with most electric cars , the easiest way to preserve battery capacity is braking , the 2014 eUp offers five different braking systems , most of which were controlled by the computer. Since the 2014 Volkswagen eUp provides transmission with only one speed , the driver does not have the ability to brake with the engine, which is the braking system is ideal for those who aim to consume as little energy.

2014 Volkswagen eUp

2014 Volkswagen eUp engine

The 2014 Volkswagen eUp powered by an electric motor that develops 80 hp and 156 Nm of torque while the power is transferred to the front wheels via said one-speed automatic transmission . This little guy can not boast the performance and acceleration to 100 km / h in about 13 seconds , but with one battery charge is able to move about 130 kilometers between charges . Due to its low weight, which amounted to 1,085 kg , is a solid – up provides maximum speed of 135 km / h . If the driver is unsatisfied energy consumption , it can also set the system in the Eco + version, which turns off air conditioning and ” kill ” the power to the point that you think you are driving a car with less than ten horsepower, but you will have about 15 extra kilometers from one charging.

2014 Volkswagen eUp

2014 Volkswagen eUp redesign

We will mention a few words on account of the design , which is identical models with petrol engines, and the same can be concluded about the interior. The only way to tell the difference between the two models are design rims and ” e ” mark on the back of the vehicle.

2014 Volkswagen eUp price

2014 Volkswagen eUp can already be ordered through salons German vehicle manufacturer , and the price is 27,000 euros in Europe , and 34,500 dollars in North America.

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