2014 Toyota Tacoma

According to still unconfirmed information Toyota is preparing a new 2014 Toyota Tacoma for later this year but still do not know which auto show will be presented. Expected to have a new frame design, new interior design as well as better engine options than the 2012 model in which customers had a lot of complaints.

2014 Toyota Tacoma2014 Toyota Tacoma engine

The 2014 Toyota Tacoma V6 will come up with a pair of 7 liter in-line four cylinder (six-cylinder) and 260 horsepower with 260 lb-ft of torque. The direct injection and timing-head from variable-valve will produce the power up to 190 horsepower and 200 pound-rigid torque. We might also see a 6 speed automatic transmission as well as manual and a boost in efficiency.

One of the obvious changes has been made ​​in 2014 Toyota Tacoma is the Direct Injection Engine. But this is not cleared if it is in direct injection V6 or a new direct injection 4.6-liter or 5.7 liter. Direct injection system is another way to increase fuel efficiency, and increase in gas mileage. With most car weight reduction embrace technology, we expect Toyota to follow the modern trend of using high strength steel.

2014 Toyota Tacoma interior

What makes the new 2014 Toyota Tacoma is larger fuel tank and more aggressive look than the previous model. This model is characterized by lower fuel consumption and were announced and new solutions in the dashboard. The interior There will be new gauges and materials of better quality will be used. Besides, hydraulic steering pump in the previous models will be replaced by an electric motor which is more efficient.

2014 Toyota Tacoma price

Price model is not released but it is expected that the starting price will be $ 17,265. Thus, perhaps you can prepare the money from now on to buy it.

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