2014 Tesla Model S

When it was 6 years ago started the project cars Tesla many doubted their success. It is a car that will run fully on battery . To run the models of the manufacturer shall be used only batteries,  thousands of laptop batteries. Electric car project was a success and in 2014 the year the company is preparing a new 2014  Tesla Model S.

2014 Tesla Model S

Model S has even managed to sell 10,000 cars in the first year and soon became a status symbol of Silicon Valley. He received numerous commendations and some criticism. A large number of independent reviewers gave a positive assessment of this model and some of them were delighted . But not everyone shared that opinion. A few years ago , the head of Tesla Motors sued the popular British show Top Gear for mocking his car range . Clearly, Elon Musk not fleeing from powerful opponents , and it is perhaps the secret of his quick success. Presenters Top Gira after test driving critical autonomy battery Tesla ” S model ” of what Musk reacted strongly presenting the data from the “black box ” cars that were debunked false claims journalists.

2014 tesla model s - side view

2014 Tesla Model S redesign

The 2014 Tesla Model S is not much different than its predecessor. It is still a hatchback model with five seats and two optional child seats that can be used as a last resort . When talking about outer appearance , the model is quite long and low so that the road quite streamlined . 2014 Model S has the lowest coefficient of drag , even the door handles recessed and flush with the body of the vehicle. 2014 Tesla Model S is almost entirely made of aluminum. When we talk about the interior,  it is very simple and it is dominated by a 17-inch touchscreen . Front and rear seats are comfortable only the height is a bit problematic for tall people .

2014 Tesla Model S

There are two battery pack sizes , 60 and 85 kilowatt – hours , corresponding to EPA rated ranges of 208 and 265 miles respectively . Of course, the less distance that can be covered in winter than in summer .

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