2014 Mini Cooper

The original plan was to 2014 Mini Cooper has its public debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, in September 2014 , however, the Mini Cooper model will be launched two months later at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. This delay will ensue because BMW wants to be fair in Frankfurt focuses on the i3 model , which will be launched online on 29 July. The first official photos of the 2014 Mini Cooper models can be expected sometime during the month of October.

2014 Mini Cooper

2014 Mini Cooper redesign

It was announced that the new Mini will be slightly longer than the current as it is set on BMW ‘s UKL platform with front-wheel drive , which will be based , and as the BMW 1 Series GT. At first glance, it may be said that the new Mini is much changed from the version that is still available for purchase. It is yet another evolution of recognizable forms and proportions. However, if you look more closely , we see that the front of the car suffered multiple stylistic changes. Apart from different headlights with LED technology , the redesigned front grille and bumper . The upper part of the mask covers a larger area , but it is now integrated into the position of the license plate . Another is the air gap at the bottom of the bumper and fog lights . At the rear of the new Mini redesigned the brake lights, which are now slightly larger and rounder , and also changed the shape of rear bumper. So it is still a significant change from its predecessor.

2014 Mini Cooper

When we talk about the interior and it will undergo changes . Thus, instead of a large , centrally mounted speedometer , retro design , his place is busy or multimedia audio device ( depending on equipment ), which is also circular and of similar size , while the speedometer to be positioned as in most cars – the driver .

2014 Mini Cooper interior view

2014 Mini Cooper engine

As for the powertrain BMW has previously confirmed that the Mini , among other things, install a new 1.5-liter petrol and diesel engines , but it is not known if they will be available from the start of production , or will appear later . It is expected that the sales start late 2013 or at latest  early 2014.

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