2014 Mercedes CLA

Gordon Wagener, director of Mercedes-Benz design department, confirmed the introduction of the fourth model to join the A class. Hatch within A class and CLA coupe with four doors are available in sales, at the end of the year will be presented 2014 Mercedes CLA crossover. In terms of preserving the model sporting fields, 2014 Mercedes CLA is available with high-torque engines that are certified to power 211 hp, sports suspension and drive system 4MATIC all-wheel drive.This model will be available several trim levels are available with three design packages and numerous other optional extras. The 2014 Mercedes CLA is in this sense personalized to suit different tastes of car lovers.

2014 mercedes cla

2014 Mercedes CLA features

Mercedes CLA Edition 1 version of the presentation will be available the next 12 months. Among the exclusive features of this model of equipment that is NEON ART interior with leather upholstery and black DINAMICA microfiber interior with contrasting yellow stitching. The fourth member of this line is the 2014 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake variant that will be on sale within the next year.

2014 Mercedes CLA interior

In the story of the 2014 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is a basis, it was confirmed in the German manufacturers and from their head of design. Gordon Wagener said he plans to produce 2014 Mercedes Shooting Brake version of the car, reminding us that a similarly developed and CLS Shooting Brake.

“Mercedes CLA is a coupe sedan, just like the CLS, so I do not see why you would not get their Shooting Brake version,” said Wagener.

After the hatchback A-class Mercedes CLA and recently introduced crossover GLA, 2014 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake would be a fourth compact model with front-wheel drive based on the new A-class.

Wagener said that the Mercedes does not think of the classic sports coupe or a convertible with a soft top, which would also be based on the A class.

In addition, he dismissed rumors of presenting sports car A class emphasizing that their sports car at this point is not necessary given the poor market situation.

2014 Mercedes CLA

Mercedes-Benz CLA class establishes a new market segment, brings leading aerodynamics with a drag coefficient from 0.22 to BlueEFFICIENCY edition, avant-garde design, as well as buy-wheel drive system 4MATIC all-wheel drive. The new model 2014 Mercedes CLA features a radar-based braking system in the form of Collision Prevent Assist technology as standard, which warns the driver of obstacles in front of him at speeds of 7km/hi initiate blocking brake precisely when the driver steps on the brake pedal.

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