2014 Honda Pilot

The 2014 Honda Pilot is prepared for the end of this year and when it appears there will doubtlessly be one of the best cars by the year 2014. Japanese brand its 2014 Honda Pilot will have as a crossover utility vehicle model, which offers a combination of the best features of a car and an SUV. As such it is intended primarily as a family car. The 2014 Honda Pilot is characterized by a spacious and practical interior, a high level of safety, fuel economy, better driveability and improved comfort (for eight passengers in three rows of seats, with the second and third row have the opportunity to make over 60/40%). But first things first.
2014 Honda Pilot

2014 Honda Pilot changes

The 2014 Honda Pilot will not be changed essential is the car compared to predecessor! Expect only minor changes to the model and a great big redesign of the entire model can be expected on the Honda Pilot 2015.
The new 2014 Honda Pilot runs slightly enhanced 3.5-liter V6 petrol i-VTEC engine with 250HP at 5700 r / min. and 343Nm at 4800 r / min. (paired with the 5-speed automatic transmission), which has Honda’s VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) technology to reduce fuel consumption (in other words, the system turns off two or three cylinders when we want to achieve lower power consumption). New pilot or 4849 mm long, 1994 mm wide, 1847 mm high, the distance between the axles is 2774 mm, and is set on 17-inch wheels (with tires 245/65/R17).

2014 Honda Pilot interior

According to other sources, the 2014 Honda Pilot will be a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine with CVT. In European countries, Honda will provide their vehicles to fit over the end customer. Meanwhile, in the United States, will be published this edition hybrid cars.
It is expected that the car will have front wheel drive. Experts suggest that the best combination of inexpensive and powerful enough car, she is not that “tear off” the quality, and yet to save on some things!
There is also information that Honda has made progress in other technological innovations. We know for some time that the Japanese automaker is positioned high in the U.S., and that his cars from generation to generation is increasingly driving the highways of America, and not only there, but also of Europe and the world.
This is a great car though, as they say it is a great range of movement, it will not be easy to drive in city driving conditions!

2014 Honda Pilot interior

2014 Honda Pilot price

Prices for the 2014 Honda Pilot should increase by only a token amount over their model-year 2013 levels. That means a base LX model should start at around $30,750, with the volume-selling EX at about $32,500, the leather-upholstered EX-L at about $34,750, and the fully loaded Touring, which includes a rear entertainment array and navigation system, at around $41,000

Add about another $1,600 for AWD-equipped versions of the above models. We don’t expect Honda will offer any standalone options for the 2014 Pilot other than a navigation system for around $2,000 and a rear DVD system for about $1,600 on the EX-L models.

What will all of this accomplish remains to be seen at the end of the year when it is expected the first appearance of this model.

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