2014 Honda NSX

First Honda NSX is made in Japan and even in 1990. Interestingly, this is the first car that came into production and had a fully aluminum body. Since then a lot has changed and it is expected that the new 2014 Honda NSX to be made on the American soil in the state of Ohio. But to start production there is still plenty of time for now there is just a concept car.

2014 honda nsx

2014 Honda NSX engine

NSX Concept has a V6 engine and four-wheel. Source close to Honda we have learned that the NSX will be available earlier, but not drastically. The first plan was to vehicle production starts in 2015 but since this information can be expected to begin production during in 2014. year. The production will most likely intervene and Honda’s class-oriented performance, which is primarily responsible for racing vehicles of the manufacturer. Honda NSX will therefore shed by roads and racetracks all over the world from in 2014. year.

2014 Honda NSX

NSX Concept shown at the Detroit Motor Show is a token Acura and at the Geneva Motor Show premiere had a copy of the sign Honda. Standard version is therefore expected in in 2014. , and the next compartment on offer will be the earlier announcements and roadster. However, Honda prepares and NSX Type R, an even faster and more extreme version of that, however, will market 18 months after a standard NSX’s. It is not known how many HP will manage NSX Type R, but in every case feature the sleek looks, lighter weight and tuned suspension. This is a reminder that the new NSX will be a hybrid, which means it will combine centrally located 3.5 V6 petrol engine with around 300 hp, electric motors, four-wheel and dual-clutch transmission.

2014 honda nsx convertible

2014 Honda NSX convertible

Another interesting piece of news from Honda, if it turns out that the patents were leaked to the original means that Honda is already working on the convertible version of the NSX supercar. Honda NSX coupe based on these sketches look better than the model with the hardtop. It is not known whether this model is characterized by a retractable hard top, or a classic fleecy top. What is particularly interesting is that Honda recently debated whether to even NSX model to the green light.

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