2014 Golf R

If you try to look objectively Golf seventh generation, when the dust settles that rises to the comments, this is a very good, quality car which is available in the latest technology at a price above the class average. After test driving and reading a little detail, many will come to the same conclusion. However, if the most powerful version of the Golf, 2014 Golf R, be good enough to stand in line Megane RS Trophy, the Astra OPC Lancer Evo or Impreza?

2014 Golf R

To the knowledge of the new 2014 Golf R will have the engine power of over 300 HP. If that number proves accurate, it would mean that the new model will have much more power than the current Golf R has 270 “horses”.This data is an insider tipped from Volkswagen which adds to the initial cost of this version will be 35,000 euros.

2014 Golf R engine

The said power will be derived from the 2.0 turbo engine volume by the surface will be transmitted through all four wheels. According to the same source, VW developed all-wheel drive, which will contribute to the 2014 Golf R version is 100 kg lighter than the current version of the Golf GTI, with front wheels.

2014 golf R

Week R series will probably have a mechanical differential plywood whose functioning will still be involved and electronics. This system is also available in the open Golf GTI.

On the new 2014 Golf R will be possible to completely disable ESP, which is not possible on the Golf GTI. Last strongest part of the seventh generation 2014 Golf R will be decorated with four holes exhaust system.

2014 golf r interior

If at Volkswagen, one day he decided to give the green light to produce monstrous concept GTI Design Vision, whose V6 engine produces 503 hp, 2014 Golf R version will continue to be the most powerful standard Golf.In addition to a more powerful engine to enhance the performance of the new Golf R will be credited with a smaller mass of the car and MQB platform.

2014 Golf R – Release date

World premiere should take place in September at the Frankfurt, the latest generation of Volkswagen 2014 Golf R will be available in showrooms during the German manufacturer in 2014. year.

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