2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi New York

Commission taxis American city of New York recently announced a competition replacement of the legendary Ford Crown Victoria for the purposes of taxi services . This city with a population of over eight million people requires a large number of taxis , and it seemed that the Crown Victoria still ripe for retirement , as produced on a platform that dates back to the late 1970s .

2014 ford transit connect new york

Competition is reported a large number of manufacturers, and from the start they extract Nissan NV200 and Ford Transit Connect. Japanese representative has claimed victory , but recently emerged lawsuit main court in New York on the grounds that the Commission went too far when he ordered the operators to buy only one brand of vehicles . The court ruled that customers must have a large enough selection , which is mostly lost Nissan , and Ford to gain the most and is ready Doce decision with the new Transit Connect for taxi service.

2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi side

2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi New York design

Based on civil Transit Connect Wagon , his cab version offers significantly more space for the driver and passengers , compared with the Nissan NV200 . Although the civilian version is available in a version with seven seats, cab model will only be available with five seats . The 2014 Transit Connect will also be provided and the standard equipment available in production models , like the MyFord Touch system , which controls the entire vehicle electronics and camera at the rear . However , Nissan’s rival provides a TV and a USB port on the rear seats , which is something that no representative of Ford .

2014 ford transit connect new york

Ford Transit Connect Taxi New York engine

On the mechanical side , as the only engine option is the familiar 2.5L I4, which develops 168 hp and 230 Nm of torque , while the power is transferred to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission. Ford has not yet released spending numbers , but is expected to easily surpass Nissan’s numbers under ten liters of fuel per 100 kilometers .
Later on in the offer will include a version powered by natural gas , which will further save the owners to use, and since the start of releases will be a version for the disabled.

2014 ford transit connect new york taxi

2014 Ford Transit Connect New York Taxi price

Manufacture and sale of 2014 Ford Transit Connect for taxi service starts later this year with a starting price of $ 24,000 euros (about $ 17.800 euros) . Although it is unlikely that this van will have similar success as the legendary Crown Victoria , Ford has yet shown that he is ready for the future.

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