2014 Ford Ranger

If you believe that you are a family man and you need just such a car,  family car, then in 2014 Ford Ranger right choice for you. Ford automobile plans to be available to customers later this year, although there is still no official information about the release date for this model. The model will be available in addition to the U.S., which are the primary market and the markets of Asia and Australia, where it is also popular. One thing is certain, when a model 2014 Ford Ranger appear on the market, it will provide customers more than they expect.

2014 Ford Ranger

2014 Ford Ranger Specs

Has characterized its predecessor and features a 2014 Ranger is a very powerful engine for a powerful car and pickup. The model is equipped with a 2.3 liters engine capacity i4. By that engine capacity, this car can produce power up to 143 HP at 5,250 rpm. Besides that, this car also has 5 speeds manual transmission.

2014 Ford Ranger Power-Stroke

When it comes to the design of the vehicle still has a lot of data. We know that the model will be designed for up to 7 passengers and would be perfect for a large family. It is supposed to be built on the T6 platform on which it is built and the existing model. Of course the new model brings some improvement but that no concrete information. Most likely changes will be in the form of expanding color palette, getting new wheels, and extensions of the standard package. We also expect that the front grill to get a slightly different form, as well as the headlights.

2014 Ford Ranger back-side

2014 Ford Ranger Price

Pricing of 2014 Ford Ranger is not yet known but is expected to be only slightly higher than the previous model.

2014 Ford Ranger USA

In December 2011, Ford stopped production of the Ranger for the U.S. market. He was replaced by Ford F-150, which has a number of different modalities in its line. As we unofficially we know Ford is considering its iconic model Ranger again make available to the U.S. market. When we talk about models of compact pick-up they still have a huge demand in the U.S. market, but the competition in this segment is quite large. If Ford decides to revive the model Ranger for the U.S. market, its size will be significantly smaller than the full-sized pickup truck. If there is added and reduced fuel consumption by as much as 30 percent of the planned price of about 20 000 dollars then this model has its place in the market. The problem is that the launch of the new model will cost a lot and the question of whether such a project is profitable at the present time. We certainly remains to be seen which will be decided by the heads of Ford.

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