2014 Ford Mondeo Vignale

Real car lovers name Alfredo Vignale means lot. The famous Italian designer founded Carrozzeria Vignale design house in 1948 , and the company ‘s first year working mostly with domestic cars, primarily Cisitalia , Alfa Romeo, Ferrari , Fiat, Maserati and Lancia. After a short work of the Czech Tatra Mountains Carrozzeria Vignale name gets work on Fords that lasts to this day. Which brings us to the car in this story . In fact , for some time now Ford wants a product in the premium segment of the European market, competing with well-known companies such as BMW , Mercedes , Audi and Jaguar . Although the Mondeo has not yet made ​​his debut on the continent , this car has the honor of being the first premium Ford, and modeled after the legendary design house named Vignale.

2014 Ford Mondeo Vignale

2014 Ford Mondeo Vignale – design

As the location for the official presentation was chosen this year ‘s Frankfurt Motor Show , and Roeland de Waard , Ford’s president for the European market , said the Vignale designed for all those customers who have the budget for a premium car , but at the same time do not want to draw attention to themselves . 2014 Vignale will be paramount in Mondeo offers , including Titanium , which so far has been top of the range , with the greatest design changes related to the chrome grille, new bumpers , LED headlamps , 20 -inch wheels and door handles made ​​of chrome .

2014 ford mondeo vignale

It is interesting that Ford wants to Vignale is a special division to the point that the car itself does not have any label Mondeo , which are interchangeable with the Vignale markings. The interior of 2014 Ford Mondeo Vignale received standard leather seats, as well as certain parts of door made ​​of leather , and there is a greater selection of standard and optional equipment.

2014 ford mondeo vignale

2014 Ford Mondeo Vignale – engine

In terms of mechanics, Ford has not released information , but it will certainly offer that includes petrol and diesel engines. Finally, we will note that all Vignale models sold won from the rest of Ford cars , all customers receive a free car wash and oil change as long as your own car . The line will later be expanded with the C- Max and Edge crossovers , and there are stories to the Focus ST and could join the list.

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