2014 Fiat Ottimo

Two years ago, Dodge Dart became the first joint product of Chrysler and Fiat . Based on the platform of Alfa Romeo Guilietta , Dart is available only as a sedan in the very beginning has received positive media criticism . However, the sale never went off to the extent to which both companies are hoping the annual supply only around 80,000 vehicles . The above figure is one of the smallest in the class, which is dominated by Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus, and some stories say that the reason lies in the information as Dart is available only as a sedan , while most competitors offer the option of a sedan and hatchback. According to the latest information , help is on the way and coming from China . In fact , for some time, Fiat at the Chinese market offers Viaggio model , which is a replica of Darth , and in one of the largest showrooms in the country is presented and its hatchback version with label 2014 Ottimo.

2014 Fiat Ottimo

2014 Fiat Ottimo changes

Judging by the first images that come to us , 2014 Fiat Ottimo seems quite premium and at least be able to wear a BMW or Audi badge . Hatchback design is certainly one of the best in the auto industry and the Italians have shown once again that they are capable of solidly designed cars create a masterpiece. The public are now leaked a few official photos , but unfortunately none of them shows the interior of the 2014 Fiat Ottimo. However, if we showed some Italians throughout history it has to be more than concentrated the luxury of the performance and is therefore expected to top of the interior.

2014 Fiat Ottimo

2014 Fiat Ottimo engine

In terms of mechanics 2014 Fiat Ottimo is only available with the 1.4L turbo engine , which is available in versions with 120 hp and 150 hp, but if the car ends up in North America offer should be the same as in the Dart . This means that the buyer of 2014 Fiat Ottimo will be able to choose between three engines- the 1.4L turbo with 160 hp, then the same 2.0L and 2.4L power of 184 hp , while the choice of manual and automatic transmissions with six speeds. There is no doubt that adding a hatchback version could increase the popularity of Dart even for discerning Americans where the sedans have always been more popular than the hatchback , but Ford has not yet announced . When it comes to the European market, the chances of these cars are very small due to the existing models of the company.

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