2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD / 2014 GMC Sierra HD

Class of larger pickups is one of the most popular in the American market . They are able to drive and pull heavy loads , regardless of whether the owner is working on the farm and / or construction or still wants to pull a larger boat or caravan , a rivalry between General Motors , Ford and Chrysler is one of the largest in the auto industry . Ford ‘s long years as leader of the legendary F – 250 and F -350 Superduty models and PowerStroke Diesel engines, but in previous years the story got involved and Chrysler’s commercial division Ram , whose model 3500 HD , paired with the legendary Cummins diesel engine , the able to pull even 13.5 tons . General Motors has for many years played a supporting role in this class , but the debut of the new Duramax engine in 2001 , in collaboration with the Japanese Isuzu, returned the largest U.S. manufacturer of vehicles in the game.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado

 2014 Chevrolet Silverado / 2014 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty

The recently launched twins 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and 2014 GMC Sierra are also given their HD (Heavy Duty ) version of the 2500 and 3500 classes , and although minimal mechanical changes , the American giant claims that these are some of the best pickups ever produced . Although Chevrolet / GMC promises the best traction and maximum weight available in the trailer , when a little look at the numbers they still are not the best .

2014 chevrolet silverado interior

Both pickups offer the maximum weight of the trailer of 3.3 tonnes , or 65 kg more than their predecessors , they are the best numbers in the class , but with a maximum draft of 10.4 ton Silverado / Sierra are still far from the said Ram 3500 HD , which is capable of to pull 13.5 tons .

2014 silverado rear view

2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD / 2014 GMC Sierra engine

It will be interesting to see how they will react to Ford , whose F -350 Superduty model , lags by about 50 kg compared with the twins from General Motors. Although there are no mechanical changes compared to the 2013 models , GM has improved these numbers mainly due to the use of stronger materials . When you mention the mechanics say that the standard engine and the 6.0L V8 gasoline remains that develops 360 hp and 515 Nm of torque , and it is able to be pre- processed and natural gas when it develops 322 hp and identical torque .

2014 chevrolet silverado engine

As before , the only option is the 6.6L V8 Duramax turbo – diesel with 397 hp and 1,036 Nm of torque , and this engine is very important for Chevrolet and GMC as diesel options in this class , make up about 25 % of total sales , despite very high premium rates . Both engines come with a standard six-speed automatic transmission that transfers power to the rear wheels or all four wheels . From the design changes are almost identical to the smaller Silverado and Sierra in the 1500 class , but with a larger and more aggressive lines.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD / 2014 GMC Sierra HD price and release

General Motors claims that the roof on both pickups most aerodynamic in its class, although this driver might not see at first glance . Much larger changes are in terms of the interior , where materials are better replaced with cheap plastic predecessors , with a long list of standard and optional equipment , a Chevrolet and GMC are particularly proud of the security measures due to which both pickups should get maximum marks in crash tests .

gmc sierra front view

At the end will mention that the Silverado and Sierra are available in 150 different versions , including three cab sizes , two sizes of trailers , 4×2 and 4×4 , and these two engines . Sales will start later this year with a starting price of 29.810 dollars (about 22,000 euros) .

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