2014 Casillac ATS Coupe

It looks that General Motors finally has a model that can be competitive in the market compact sedan model. If we consider a very nice interior and impressive specifications we can say that in 2014 Casillac ATS Coupe will be a real refreshment in the market . To refresh the ATS line for 2014 will be launched Cupe version Casillac ATS models.

2014 Cadillac ATS

2014 Casillac ATS Coupe changes

If you look at pictures of models we see that the transformation of models from four to two doors done very well. When we talk about the exterior of the model we have to say that the sweptback headlamps, prominent grille, and side character line – running along the sides and through the door handles are some of the changes compared to the sedan model .

2014 cadillac ats coupe

General Motors has confirmed all Cadillac dealers that the two-door version of the ATS sedan in the pipeline. GM’s confirmation came just days after the paparazzi shot of masked prototypes ATS sedan models during the tests. The news was announced during the annual meeting sellers in Las Vegas, where the owners of showrooms in a few pictures showing the upcoming model.

2014 Casillac ATS Coupe

2014 Casillac ATS Coupe engine range

When it comes to powertrain GM has not yet revealed details about the new coupe motorisation , but speculate on all 3 units of ATS sedan , 2.5 liter atmospheric four-cylinder , 2.0 turbo and 3.6 V6 . But these are not yet confirmed the information and should be taken with a grain of salt. Apparently not be left out of V performance version of ATS , but have yet to get confirmation on the subject. ATS -V would most likely use a twin- turbo version of the 3.6 -liter V6 engines presented in 2014 CTS sedan.

2014 Casillac ATS Coupe

2014 Casillac ATS Coupe release date

When talking about the target market we can say that the model is intended to attract the younger generation of customers in Cadillac showrooms . 2014 Casillac ATS Coupe is scheduled to premiere in the spring in 2014. year. When the market will have numerous and powerful competition. 2014 Cadillac ATS Coupe will be a direct rival to the BMW 4 Series , Mercedes C- Class Coupe and the Audi A4 model, at least according to the American car manufacturer .

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