2014 BMW X4

BMW will soon introduce a new crossover-coupe, a model 2014 BMW  X4. Premiere of the 2014 BMW X4 will be in Detroit Motor Show 2013th year. For a concept version would follow in 2014. the serial model 2014 BMW X4. The car shared the platform with the X3 model, and would be cheaper than the BMW X5. Confirmation comes from Ian Robertson, member of the Managing Board of BMW states that are already available in the X6, X5, X3 and X1 and will in future be presented X4 model.
The 2014 BMW X4 model ready to be put against the Range Rover Evoquea. How the respective model look, you can see in the pictures, and will be manufactured in the United States along with X3, X5 and X6, starting from in 2014. year.

2014 bmw x4

2014 BMW X4 design

From the source can be found out that 2014 BMW X4  was about 4,65 m long, similar to the BMW X3. The stylistic differences between the models X3 and X4 would be the same as the somewhat larger BMW X5 and X6. With the front designed in the style of the latest model, the expected characteristic design typical of BMW X6 – sloping roofline that slopes towards the rear of the vehicle. Styling elements are clearly taken from the larger X6 with unique headlamps and bumpers.
2014 BMW X4 will share its platform with the X3 and will be more sports-oriented version of the model, as it is the X6 over the X5.

2014 BMW X4

2014 BMW X4 engine

Inherit engine range of the X3, the 2014 BMW X4 will be available range of 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder petrol and diesel engines used in model X3. In addition to the standard versions, the end in 2014. market could be offered and X4 M with bi-turbo six-cylinder petrol engine in the new BMW M3 to develop around 420 HP.  With gasoline, it is possible that a variant 2014 BMW X4 M to drive the 3.0-liter three-turbo diesel engine. The BMW engine was already introduced in the version with 381 hp and models like the X5 M50d and X6 M50d and the X4 since M is envisaged somewhat weaker units. Opponents 2014 BMW X4 will be Audi Q6 and Porsche Cajun.

2014 BMW X4 rear view

2014 BMW X4 changes

It’s hard to call this model attractive at first glance, but if the success of the X6 is any indication of people will love this car. If anything, the 2014 BMW X4 will be available than change X6 model. The vehicle also features 2810mm wheelbase, and 21 “light alloy wheels added to the athletic appearance of the first Sports Activity Coupe model. The contours of this model include a new interpretation of familiar BMW line.

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