2014 BMW M3

New 2014 BMW M3 main characteristics of evolutionary design that includes a number of stylistic items already seen in the model M. Presentation of the BMW M3 sedan is scheduled for this year and the Frankfurt Motor Show in concept form, which again is not far from the final production version. As practice has shown, BMW is expected to show their novelty few days before the official opening of the gate lounges. After that, in serial form will be presented in exactly one year, in order to reach showrooms in the summer in 2014. year.

2014 BMW M3

Presented renders Car magazines were created on the basis of “smuggled” drawings from the Munich design studio. Based on a standard F30 3 Series sedan, the car have been given distinctive accessories brawny to achieve strong form. The car is lower and wider track width, with 19-inch wheels that protrude from the wing. The front spoiler is new, the hood gets a traditional coat of arms, while the carbon fiber is visible everywhere be reused, such as the roof. All future M models will now have the M marks on the grill and trunk lid.

2014 BMW M3

“It will not be possible to replace the 316d. M will always represent an extreme sports model. Sub-brand is already strong enough but we want to rise above and show up as the top BMW offers. We already do some changes. All future M models will have blue brake calipers, or gold if you ask the discs from carbon-fiber. There will be another mirror housings graphite color and black chrome exhaust pipe terminations, “says head of design, Adrian van Hooydonk. In terms of design, van Hooydonk said: “We’re working hard to make the interior M lines away from the standard model. Developing new materials for use in the best equipped versions, and you’ll see more aluminum and blue stripes within the M cars. “

2014 BMW m3

2014 BMW M3 engine

The biggest changes will happen under the hood. Legendary only in form, but it will be the brand new unit, part of a new family B58 drive units. It is a modular generators, with the main cylinder capacity of 500 cc optimal. The M3 couple turbochargers 3.0 liter engines will pick up power at 450 hp. The result is a sprint from 4.5 seconds to 100 km / h limited top speed of 250 km / h. It will be mated to a manual gearbox or 6-speed M-DCT dual-clutch automatic with paddle on the steering wheel. BMW reportedly plans to add eight-speed automatic transmission.

2014 BMW M3 interior

2014 BMW M3 design

On the new M3 sedan will find a multitude of exotic materials in order to minimize weight. Few manufacturers have gone further than the BMW and the demonstration of their progress will show on the electric i3 model, which uses the body made of plastic reinforced with carbon fiber (CFRP). This material will be made roof M3 models, in addition to ceramic disks that BMW is still evolving. Doors, trunk and hood will be made of aluminum, while the five-spoke wheels will be made of forged aluminum. In addition to less weight, BMW has worked on lowering the center of gravity of the car. The end result of all these procedures is the promise of magic M3 weigh under 1,500 kg. His closest rivals will be about 200 kg heavier. How will all this affect the price, it remains to wait.

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