2013 VW Golf 7 GTI Design Vision

Volkswagen will be for the upcoming festival Wörthersee in Austria turned into reality on the car which most golf fans can only dream about. This concept 2013 VW Golf 7 GTI Design Vision with V6 engine that develops 503 hp. This model is also called Super Golf for incredible performance in its possession.

2013 VW Golf 7 GTI Design Vision

2013 VW Golf 7 GTI Design Vision engine

The event Wörthersee 2013th where it is expected around 150,000 fans in German automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen will introduce the most radical version of the VW Golf 7 GTI since the model with the W12 engine in 2007. year.

As a basis for this super Golf used the standard GTI seventh generation Volkswagen popular model

Instead of the serial 2.0 liter  that the model GTI Performance Edition develops 230 hp, built 3.0 liter gasoline twin-turbo V6 that is able to produce 503 hp and maximum torque of 560 Nm between 4,000 and 6,000 r / min.

2013 VW Golf 7 GTI Design Vision

Unlike the standard 2013 VW Golf 7 GTI in whom power is transferred to the front axle version Design Vision runs on all four wheels, a motor is connected to an automatic DSG Transmission with double clutch. This monstrous Golf from place to mph arrives in 3.9, and its maximum speed is 300 km / h.

2013 VW Golf 7 GTI Design Vision

2013 VW Golf 7 GTI Design Vision design

The VW Golf 7 GTI Concept Design Vision was created under the direction of the head of Volkswagen Design, Klaus Bischoff.

Looks like the car was changed aerodynamic, spoilers, additional holes for air and expansions around the point in order to make room for 20-inch alloy wheels and racing tires size 235/35 front and 275/30 rear.

2013 VW Golf 7 GTI Design Vision

To Golf 7 GTI Design Vision quickly and safely stopped, installed ceramic discs 380 mm in diameter.

Running modified reliance that is closer to the car ground to 57 mm, lowered its overall height to 1,385 mm, while the Golf super long 4,253 and 1,870 mm wide.

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